It’s so fun to nerd out and spend endless amount of time talking about the future and what if’s. Here is a look at the AppleTV and what it could be and should be. As the late Jobs was quoted to have said “I cracked it” when talking about the television industry every tech blogger is putting pen to paper to summarize their ideas for what this could look like. IT’s a fun game to watch.

But here’s why I think Apple will eventually make an actual television set:

Apple sells complete experiences, not just devices.

And Mrgan on Twitter this morning:

If Apple TV is looking for fresh, previously unmonetized content, podcasts could be it. If only Apple gave half a crap about podcasts.

Even the NYTimes chimes in:

It is coming though. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

The full experience sounds expensive too me. A box I would prefer much more.

And if we could consider podcasts as actual real content, then Einmaleins TV would have a chance. We are still getting asked when we get our content on the local access TV network? Those things still exist. Is anyone watching?

And finally Bloomberg brings it’s live-streaming channel to the iPad to round it all up for today.