Apple launches a special section of their iPad promotional webpage featuring the iPad as a serious business tool. An immense amount of work must’ve gone into that page, creating all those business profile videos. Really great work.

But, this obviously begs the question of why Apple might be positioning one of their products, the iPad, the apparent entertainment device, as a core business tool? Is Apple taking a clue out of Microsoft’s playbook? And are they trying to dethrone the great office product provider of the 90’s by becoming the defacto business machine in corporations all over the world? But Apple is taking it to the next level and offering a solution to businesses that includes hardware, a simple and tight OS and an seemingly endless app store to extend and customize each device exactly to match the business’ need.

This already works for me in my business, but I hear from many large corporations that they are deploying iPads and iPhones as business tool for their workforce globally. This is disruptive and will have longer legs then an iWatch.