I find tweets too reductionist and Medium pieces too bloviating, so I came to the same conclusion Andy did on mid-length writing. His post reminded me of a working draft I started awhile back called “New rules for blogging.”

In the days of Medium and Twitter and after the hurray of blogging on your own blog people who participated in the first form of blogging are trying to recapture what it means to blog and rekindle a love for the personal blog on your own domain.

Been struggling with that too. Have been off and on blogging for many years and no format, no context, subject matter or style has really fully stuck with me or broken through with my audience (Is there anyway reading this anyway?)

But what made this blogging-thing even harder and something that’s not being considered in the linked posts is that so much content discovery is being had on mobile devices and as hard as we all try blogging on an iPhone or iPad is really really hard. What made blogging so cool in the early 2000s wasn’t just Blogger and WordPress it was also the laptop and the easy access to consume content, read articles wherever you wanted and immediately turn around a write yourself.

Fast forward to 2014 and the inspiring articles are flowing to us from all directions and in every moment, sitting on the bus or the toilet. In our heads we form a response to whatever is thrown at us but we’re not in position, quite literally, to respond right away.  I’m in love with the iPad, have been a huge proponent of it as a content creation tool and yet I have not been able to use it regularly to do the thing I love most: respond to the things I see online aka. blog about them. Whenever I want to write something that requires me to focus and edit, publish and link I pull my laptop up. That’s where I can get work done. Fast and efficient.

Bummed about it, really. Would love to find a great workflow that would allow me to blog regularly, fast and fluid from the iPad. Not just re-tumble,  or retweet. But write a couple hundred words and publish them here, like I am doing now. On my MacBook, with my iPad sitting next to me, idle.