Double – Updated!
Somehow between last year and this year’s Thanksgiving Tom decided to take down his blog post with the recipe for his amazing herb butter turkey. So, I shall be linking to the Epicurious link again.
It’s by far the best, easiest and most tastiest turkey I’ve ever made and had.

Key: Make the gravy beforehand – delicious and deliciously simple.

I used this recipe by Tom Colicchio on Epicurious (now available directly from his website) the last few years and the turkey always turns out amazing.

Two key elements: make the gravy base ahead of time, before the turkey is done. Then all you have to do in the last 45 min before eating during the mad dash to get everything on the table is add the drippings to the gravy base and season to taste. And also: herb butter. Delicious for everything on everything.

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone and happy cooking!