Rotten In Denmark uncovers some harsh realities around what it means to live in ‘community’:

The ‘communities’ we’ve lost were only close-knit and personal because there was no other option. You couldn’t rely on impartial administrators to purify your water or drive your buses or punish your mugger, so you did it all informally. This is understandable, and admirable, and maybe even worth missing. But it’s not an effective way to run a country. Just because you know your neighbors doesn’t mean you like them.

Grass examples for sure, and in many ways there are overblown to make a statement, but he’s not that far off. After 5 years living in Olympia, a city that holds the ‘community’ value very high, I couldn’t agree more.

Unless you want to ‘play the game’, a cost to high for many, there’s no entrance, no connection, acceptance or adoption.