Saray Lacy yammers on Pando about a rumor that Yammer might sell to Microsoft:

If my sense is correct, and it’s not done, let me plead (in futility) with Sacks as a Yammer power user: Don’t sell to Microsoft.

All fair and good. But this is the part that gets me:

I should note, I don’t pay for Yammer, so there’s no real reason either party should care about my threat. Because the company hasn’t given me a great reason to. But we get enough value out of it, we would. Or we’d pay a better competitor if it was a reasonable price.

Which Lacy posts at the end of her rant after she goes in great length to lay out how ‘mission critical’ the piece of software is to her organization. So, which is it Sara: ‘mission critical’ or ‘we pay if we get enough value out of it’.

Mission critical sounds like enough value to me. But it highlights very well how our expectations are shifting when there is always a free option around. But we must understand that those free options are never building a sustainable business for the company that ships them. It’s always about land grab and monetizing through advertising, which in turn leaves the user never as the customer.