Okay folks, thanks for looking. This is what I need:

I manage about 20 websites, basic php/mysql wordpress stuff. I run this all on one Mediatemple DV server. And I have my Lightspeed webstore on this server.

Now, I’m comfortable with all the basic setup stuff, day-to-day operations.

Where I reach my limit is that I need someone to do the backend stuff. Terminal access, SSH, database moves and backups, that’s beyond me.

Now, I don’t need 24 hr. stand-by tech support. But when I have a question, I need to do an upgrade/update, or there is some troubleshooting that needs to be done, I need someone I can trust to contact and he/she can take care of me.

I can pay, I want to pay but I will pay for trust. I need emails returned, I need knowledgable and responsive correspondence and I need someone who understands what I am doing and wants to grow with me.

I can make this scalable, I’m a good salesman, but a lousy tech person. I can see offering this service to more folks, can do the front-end support and setup and billing. But need backend tech help.

So, if you read this and have any questions contact me at me@mathiaseichler.com or leave a comment below – let’s start this conversation and built something amazing.

Thanks for looking,