Reeder relaunched.

My once favorite RSS reader had to be completely rebuild after the closure of Google Reader. Back then I love the app on Mac and iOS. It is still gorgeous designed, feels great to use and is a pleasure to read articles from multiple blogs on.

When Google killed their RSS service I moved all my blogs to DIGG and used their app and website for awhile. It worked alright at first but it certainly was no Reeder.

Since then time has moved on and RSS has increasingly become irrelevant for me. I recently revived the still very clunky-to-use Lists on Twitter and added every blog-only feed to that list I care about. It actually works surprisingly well. My ‘RSS’ List allows me to browse those links straight from the platform I use most often to discover and read articles. It certainly is not as comprehensive as my old RSS list, but starting fresh actually feels pretty good as I get a change to rebuild my feed from the ground up.

And for those blog feeds that don’t offer dedicated Twitter streams? Well, they should get on it right away, right? But, in the meantime, I will let those links come bubbling up to me on my daily tweet stream.

Happy reader, but without Reeder.