WMF is a German kitchen and home product maker. It’s kind of like OXO or Kitchenaid, I can’t believe that I am comparing it to that shit, but they sell high end, stylish kitchen tools, home accessories and decorative stainless steel serving pieces.

Well, you ask why I am interested in the company. When we first opened Einmaleins WMF was one of our anchor products. Fairly unknown in the US but available through a US distributor the line was a hit with our customers but on a higher price point and unfortunately these days mostly made in China, like everything else.

The company is over 160 years old and was founded in a small city not far from where I grew up . In Europe it’s a household name and part of every wedding registry.

I love their product. It’s functional and stylish.

And now an American investor bought the German company and I have high hopes that he will make sure the line will get introduced in a large-scale in US.

Chalk that off for another great thing that I grew up with and will be now be available here for me. Life does get sweeter and sweeter her. Almost time for that citizenship test!