First entry in my collection of #thoughtsfromEurope. There will be a few. Some longer, some shorter.

I love my work here. Love the focus on technology. Love getting up and stepping on to the computer and work on great and interesting projects utilizing my skills I obtained working for years on the Mac. I love modern communication and the feeling of being fully connected and plugged in.

But only during the week, only 8-5.

On Weekends when things slow down, and they should, I feel lost. I have nothing to do here and the weekends calls with awesome stuff to do, I’m just on the wrong continent for it.

I miss the cakes, the hikes and walks and friends and the beer and the millions of easy, free, cheap, simple, close by things one can do by just stepping out the front door and meeting with friends. Already, less than a week back and I miss it.