Der Spiegel has a fascinating article on abandoned, run-down castles, manor homes and estates in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in North-Eastern Germany. The area, in the former East Germany has been hit hard for the past century almost, and many fantastic homes and estates sit empty.

… many of these once-magnificent structures are now in a state of severe disrepair. For the first time, the State Office of Historic Preservation in Schwerin, the state capital, has taken an inventory and inspected its crumbling legacy. Officials discovered that more than 400 feudal structures are in poor condition, require renovation or are in the process of falling apart.

Here is your chance to own a castle.

‘In America, People Are Still Willing To Take Risks.’

UPDATE: After re-reading the article in Der Spiegel, to try to find more information about the castles that are in disrepair, and the Historic Preservation Office in Schwerin, I am reminded how deep that German laziness is, when it comes to connecting dots and allowing people to take risks. Why did Der Spiegel not include some links, more information if someone might be interested in those castles? Did they think that no one would be? Are they so unsure that their own articles don’t create any reaction?

Drives me crazy.