(But, boy would that be awesome!!) Cause I love me some iPad… would be the perfect home entertainment device…


Here’s what’s going on:

I started a food blog: Return to Cooking. This is where I talk about food, what I cook on Sundays and other delicious things.

My webstore went down this week, which really made me realize that I need dedicated tech support to help me with databases, shell scripting and other things beyond me. I will like that, sleep better and hopefully be able to focus on creating content rather then upgrading plugins.

Another new site will be built next week, for our Craft X NW street marketing on Washington Street. I will have designing that one.

Need to buy myself another camera for the store. We need one at home and one for the store – any suggestions?
(In the sub $150 range – just a point & click)

Sounders are playing tonight… yesssssssss!