Danny Westneat for the Seattle Times:

I had to end my bus life eventually (I have kids to ferry around). I knew I’d had enough after that time two buses in a row passed me by. I found myself growing bitter, cursing if the addled driver tried to cram more riders on (after cramming me on, of course). This isn’t me, I thought. The bus life in boomtown was turning me into that get-off-my-lawn guy!

So I got a car and life got easier. For me. I see my old bus buddies still lined up at the stops, sometimes three-dozen deep. Will it come? Will they get on? Will government leaders get their acts together and figure out how to provide services with all this growth?

It’s a crapshoot in the world-class city.

Just spend a couple of days in Munich and was reminded again of what good public transportation looks and feels like. West Coast cities, probably most American cities for that matter, ignored the need for public transportation for so long that by now it feels the answer lies somewhere in the UBER future. But we most likely gotten that excuse for the past several decades of political ignorance already. It’s just getting more and more expensive to consider a good subway system build from scratch for a major metropolitan area. And yet, Stuttgart 21 is being built and although extremely expensive it is, it promises the future of travel in Europe. Our family took the ICE from Stuttgart to Munich, a 3+hr drive with the car turned into a comfortable and enjoyable 2+hr train ride.