Bayern München FC looses in penalty shootout to Chelsea London FC in the biggest club level game in the world, the Champions League final in front of their home crowd in Munich Germany earlier today.

Man, what a tough loss. I’m glad I didn’t watch the game, would’ve ruined my whole day. Instead I went to the beach with my family and watched the summary in 9 minutes when I came back home.

“Not a fan for not watching it live” you say?

No, too much of a fan, I can’t handle the loss. It’s rough. It can kill a man, I am telling you. And I am not even the one standing on the field, missing the penalty.

There are so many implications and examples we can draw from for the real world and for our personal lives, which are obviously unaffected by pro sports team winning or loosing games.

Whenever a team I root for looses a important game I always think of Malcolm Gladwell (Couldn’t find the article, or was it in one of his books?) and the connection he draws between athletes that learn to pick themselves up after hard losses and successful business people. I always found this a wonderful thought since I myself tend to be the person that wants to end his life whenever my team looses hard. (Just for a minute, calm down there folks.)

So, yes the world will continue, it’s not as bad as if someone moves his podcast from one network to another.

And luckily it was not a complete loss. Somebody did win and they deserved it. It just wasn’t the team I wanted to. And it just wasn’t me this time.