All over Europe magnificent castles have been turned into glorious conference centers. Those in return are being used for incredible and memorable gatherings like the Úll conference for iOS / OSX / mobile web developers and designers held in Dublin, Ireland on April 27–29th, 2012.

And of course, those incredible historical buildings need to be preserved and kept alive for the coming generations. The West Coast has cool buildings too, but none of that historical significance or astonishing beauty. Because otherwise we would care and choose to preserve them, right?

Here on the West Coast conference centers often need to build new thus becoming costly and are often unsustainable endeavors. Mostly they are ugly too, if they do get build. Which could have something to do with the reality of their un-sustainability. Who does want to come to a conference/gathering/meeting in an ugly, corporate-looking space? It’s never just about the message, but also about the place where we connect and create memories. What works in Vegas really only works in Vegas.