Apple’s foray into social media, the iTunes add-on ‘Ping’ failed miserably. Macworld takes a lot at what went wrong and I will add one point:

Social media is relational and it’s build in iterative, incremental changes and improvements. Just like relationships. Who build over time. Apple gave us Ping the way you find a match on eHarmony, checked off some features on the must-have list and never evolved.

Perhaps Apple saw the initial adoption numbers early on and were so disappointed that they  never tried to court us again. Perhaps the company realized right away that it would never succeed in the way they hoped for and abandoned immediately. But I thought Ping had a chance, if only Apple would’ve worked harder to make us love it. Where were the little updates, the step-by-step changes and improvements that would’ve made the users come back to the service again to check it out and give it another try.

Apple wanted us to go to third base on the first date.

Sorry, this is not how social media works and this is not how relationships work – the good ones build over time and last.