Man, you surf the app store forever to find any decent apps that provide you the right information to keep you as a fan up-to-date for your favorite sport. The Champions League kicked off their season today and the app store is full of shitty apps not worth downloading.

Yes, there is the official UEFA app, but it’s so p/c that it’s useless for a fan.

Whenever you find yourself emerging from the bubble of the Silicon Valley tech scene you realize two things: first of all there is still a ton of ground to cover until areas of global interest, like the Champions League and other events are as well documented and covered, as check-in services are for San Francisco coffee shops, and secondly: the growth potential for this industry is incredible.

I don’t just want apps that suggest a certain lifestyle to me. The West Coast tech scene geek needs to start taking a peek above his horizon and build apps for the rest of the world. And the rest of the world needs to start building apps that support their life and enable people to connect, interact and be inspired by what’s out there. This is not meant to be an ‘entitled white person rant’ but a plea to take my money. I want to pay for those apps and I suspect there are more of me.

There is money to be made, developers! I want your awesome apps!