Brian Stern asks the important question, calling for a leadership figure in the Sounders team.

I disagree with him though that Monteiro was the go to guy over the last year. On marketing materials perhaps. But I didn’t see him as a leadership figure on the field. The fans wanted him to lead, and if he scored he lead by example, but leadership on the field requires more than just scoring goals.

Rosales came closest last year to bring this sort of leadership to the team, but constant injuries threw him out of the loop.

In my book Eddie Johnson and Obefemi Martins are still to new to the team and play in a position that isn’t really suitable for that sort of leadership.

Which brings me to Brad Evans. He’s been with the team since the beginning and has been a constant on the field. Played in many positions and helped out when needed. He’s not the greatest goal scorer, but he doesn’t need it.

It a position for him to claim.