Finally finished!
This week the weather delayed me, but it’s been years in the making and since the launch of About.Me I felt it was high time that I would actually do something about it. Mathias Eichler Dot Com is live. Yes, it’s yet another website for myself, how many of those do I have? But this one is different. It will serve as an electronic business card, a sort of front door and first connection point for all my online portals and everyday doings. Personal and business.

In detail, the site is built on the powerful and open-source WordPress engine, and although this seems somewhat of an overkill, as WordPress is meant to be a blogging platform, it has increasingly become a very popular content management system for businesses and personal projects alike.

Here was the challenge.

Business websites increasingly demand a lot of bells and whistles. Every professional, who wants to be online in any sort of way but doesn’t have a business website, or doesn’t want to link to the business website for whatever reason, finds him/herself stuck between linking to a social media site like LinkedIn or Facebook, which is often not very customizable, or linking to a blog, which requires constant updating to appear fresh.

There’s a missing piece.

About.Me tried to address this, but failed on many levels. Yes, it was free. But it required a really great picture to make the interplay between photo and text work. It doesn’t allow for much customization and you can’t link directly from your personal domain.

So, here is my solution.

Anyone can setup a WordPress site on their personal domain. This is pretty much required knowledge for the professional in 2012. You want to host your own website and not link to a third-party service, no matter how professional the site is. You want to be able to update it with simple data as often as you like. You want it to be low-cost and fully under your control.

Enter: The new business card wordpress theme by Einmaleins.

Currently free in public beta, you can email me and I will send you a link to the zip file with the theme. Later the theme will be available to purchase for $25.