Well, no I didn’t, because I still can’t.
11 years in the country, still on a green card, still German and only German.

But, tonight I feel good. Tonight I feel American.

Initiative 1183 passed.
Washington state will be out of the liquor business.
There will be some practical implications, i won’t list here, but for me it comes down to two things.

One is the fact, that in a America, monopolies are bad, and if the State owns the monopoly on selling liquor, ten there is something serious wrong. Monopolies are probably bad everywhere. But now the capitalistic system can really proof to us, that it can be better for everyone of the market flows freely.

And secondly, I like liquor. And I like the convenience of purchasing it in the grocery store, where I pick up my daily things. A bottle of vodka, Campari or schnapps is not an illegal substance. It’s a food item. Like eggs and butter. Ad no, I’m not an alcoholic. I don’t drink vodka as often as I crack an egg.
But, seriously, we sell freakin’ weapons at Walmart.

So there. I did what most people in America do. I voted for my own personal good. I did what most people in America do, and how most people in America vote.
I voted for myself.

I think that puts me yet one more step closer to actually becoming an American, taking my citizenship test, and actually being able to vote.

Now I’ll pour myself a drink and celebrate a little. For once, I’m on the right side of the populous. It feels good.