Steve Jobs announced that they patented how the iPhone operating system works, looks and feels, both in hardware and software. It was a new approach to mobile computing and they entered an already crowded marketplace with a radical new and different approach.

Google copied the entire approach, look, and feel with the Android operating system and Samsung went all out by creating hardware, packaging and marketing that tried to copy every idea Apple has invested in. And worst of all, both companies have been successful with this approach.

Should Apple just sit idly by and let this happen? Considering the risks and costs they put up to put this product on the market?

Clearly neither Samsung or Google with Android were interested in innovating but rather just coasting on the coat tails of a insanely successful product.

If you can show me the innovation that Samsung did over the last 5 years and how this verdict might hinder their future innovation, I will listen. Until then, it was Samsung’s doing, and to a greater extend even Google’s fault, that Apple is going thermonuclear in legally following up on the patents they own.