Mashable runs a poll, pinning a product that’s announced but no one has actually tried vs. a product that hasn’t seen any major upgrade in months? Years even?? Sure, I fell for it and linked to it and this is what it was for. So, that makes me stupid too… dang.

But, to add a few thoughts beyond calling people stupid. Apple TV sucks and needs a major overhaul, which is rumored and would bum me out, as even I, the Mac fanboy chose to buy a Roku instead. And Google TV sounds promising. But given their latest track record of product launches like Buzz and what was the other thing called that was hyped beyond recognition and never delivered… oh, right. Wave… the product heralded before its launch as the greatest thing since we put a man on the moon is barely on anyone’s horizion… good job Google.. given your past successes Google TV will be a smash hit! Can’t wait!