As if on queue The Magazine added a new reward level. A t-shirt and a bunch of other stuff. But after several hours no takers yet.

I am rooting for The Magazine and Glenn’s Kickstarter campaign, but after a few days in it doesn’t look very promising for them to reach their goal.

I might be pessimistic, since they did raise over a third of the total in their first couple of days, but looking at the rewards and who is claiming what, I can’t see them reaching their goal.

It is a steep and ambitious goal to begin with and the rewards seem structured odd. The obvious ‘product’ specific rewards are cheap, you essentially are paying for what you’re getting with not much buffer, I assume. But are there enough people around to buy the low end rewards and push the total over the edge? The big tickets are fun, but I doubt anyone is paying several thousands of dollars to have dinner with a podcasting hero.

Which makes me wonder if a Kickstarter campaign is close to reaching its funding goal but might miss it, does a ‘founder’ buy his own top level reward with his credit card on the last day to break the funding barrier? I’d consider doing that.

But, snark aside, Since Pando bought NSFWCorp, I truly hope The Magazine finds a way of staying afloat and prospering.