Tobias Kemper thinks no:

Building a smaller, 7″ iPad tablet doesn’t make sense. Steve Jobs said that years ago, and he is absolutely right. I own a Kindle Fire and it has collected dust since I bought it right after launch. Why? Because size matters when it comes to a great tablet experience. Just like great content does.

The content could exist, both for the big and the small iPad. If Apple could produce an $199 iPad with a smaller screen, it of course would be a win for people, in the same way Apple went wide, really wide with the iPad years ago. One size doesn’t fit all.

But for me, and goes the same for the iPhone. It’s not just screen size with overall width. It’s weight, and material.

I want my devices to be usable in an active environment. I went hiking last week and felt the entire time I was carrying a precious, shiny and out-of-place object with me by having the iPhone in my pocket. I would love an “outdoor’ iPhone.

And an iPad that’s ligher. Lightness and durability will be the key to continued success for tablets.