I can built websites alright. Built lots of them. Design them, host them find my way around.

But a webstore, and a very complicated one is horribly difficult to get to work properly.

I am hosting with Media Temple. I love those guys, I want to love them. It’s not been easy all the time, but hey I love them – no really.

I need a complicated (read: full-functioning!) webstore for einmaleins. I have the Lightspeed POS system from Xsilva. I love it, it works great and it offers the webstore plugin. But a plugin it is, let me tell you. The inital install took me over a month of pouring over material and begging several people for help.

Got it to work, sort of, there were still some minor bugs I still needed to iron out, but overall it was growing on me.

Today I wanted to run a, what at first looked like, pretty simple upgrade. Solved some minor bugs, so I was happy and excited.

Well, followed the instructions – very carefully and totally screwed things up, totally.

I am back to square one, nothing works. I can’t figure it out. I feel helpless, dumb and just wasted a whole day of doing things like blogging about how useless I feel – great.

I need to solve this, figure this out, claw my teeth into it, and if it takes me all night.
The webstore is such an important piece of my business and I need to wrap my head around it. Need to be able to learn every nuance of this damn technology. I know too much to be dangerous and not enough to solve my problems.

Server-side I am useless. SSH access, terminal access I feel completely lost.

Please help me, someone…

And here is my big dream: Xsilva, you’re the leading Mac POS software company; Media Temple, you’re one of the leading hosting providers; can’t you get along a bit better, support each other a bit better. Understand what each is offering and what it needs and make things work easier for me…

I know I’m asking alot here, not understanding the backend, my demands are probably uncalled for and unreasonable, but that’s what I need and dream off… make it happen and I will love you forever… really!