Sepp Blatter has said it was a “mistake” to choose Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup, forcing Fifa to try to limit the damage.

Once all the “told-you-so’s” die down it’s interesting to note that someone in a position like Blatter would admit to an organizational mistake like this.

As the Olympics and the World Cup are trying to reach further and break new ground in emerging markets there will be of course some locations that don’t work out perfectly. Socchi certainly wasn’t as much of a hit as Vancouver in 2010. And there were other issues in years before. But the lack of transparency along with the ongoing allegations of bribery and unjust lobbying does put a damper on this and future events. This issue is something the ICO and FIFA will have to come to terms with if they want to stay relevant as organizations expecting our attention and devotion to the events for the coming decades. People love those Games, the human achievements and the global spectacle, but we need a new generation of stewards. People in leadership position that can chart a path into the 21st Century.