Did I really just read a blog post on PandoDaily talking about how startups are supposed to be different, unique, new, smart and not just copy cats?

The world needs another location-based service like I need another hole in my head. Yet as the entire industry gears up for SXSW, another Foursquare-on-steroids application is surely launching, hoping to gain enough customers during the popular festival to justify the months (or years) that went into building the service. All of these services are built on the same foundation, differentiating themselves with a window view or a different color paint, and they’re all missing the point.

Yet the world needs another startup that launches on WordPress and copies everything Techcrunch was doing and adds a Meebo bar for monetizing?

Building a new foundation is hard; there’s a reason why so many companies have avoided this essential task. The process is long and strenuous enough already, without having to erase the progress that another company has made. Frankly, though, that’s what it may take to gain significant traction in this industry; as good as everything is, it’s all just begging to be burned down and re-built in a different way.

Unless you have a name in the industry and can build traction by trashing the previous employer?