Now that we stopped arguing over skeuomorphism and the proponents of ‘flat design’ have won the battle, a new battle is raging: The battle over every little pixel on the new iOS7 home screen.

Neven argues that the new grid layout, that is supposed to help designers with their icon design is “wrong” and everything is off balance and just not right.

Having just designed an icon and having used the new grid I don’t not fully agree with Neven that the new grid is wrong or off-balance. Yes at first the outer circle seemed too far out, it did feel off. But now looking at the icons next to each other I can’t really say that I feel that the new icon is off. I sort of like it better. It gives the outer rounded box a new meaning. The circle makes the box softer and with the less pronounced edges perhaps the long term goal is to have the rounded boxes blend in more. Float into the background and disappear. Just the illustration on the button should draw our attention, not the button itself.