Since watching ‘House of Cards‘ I have been looking at politics in a different way.

It’s clear that you can not have it all. You’re working in a give-and-take, voting by majority environment and sometimes you win and sometimes you loose.

So, currently there are several issues that are of serious concern to many Americans floating around the Capitol. There is marriage equality, there is gun control and there is the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’, or whatever it’s called. And there are probably dozens more that are equally important, equally momentous and valuable to life of the individual and this country.

All are in a way about the freedom to choose your own life – very American. But of course the conservatives and progressives of this country are hugely divided over those issues. Every individual knows what they want, and what they think is best for their country – in their mind. And constantly posts their beliefs on their Facebook wall.

But, what would be, if you couldn’t have it all?

Let’s say, you would have to choose between 2 of the 3 issues on the table? Let’s say, you’d have to choose just one? Which ones would you pick? What would you support, champion and stick your head out for?

Not fair you say? Yeah, life’s not fair, that is true.

Parenting teaches you that. Work, if you’re in a real work environment teaches you that. Life, love, any moment you breathe teaches you that life is not fair, that you can’t have it all. But, before you cry yourself to sleep and don’t pick at all. Be sure to lead this country, your life and your values and pick the things that are important to you, knowing full well that by doing so, you will give up on the things that you didn’t pick. The worst thing you can do, is to not pick at all.