Hello… can you hear me?

Einmaleins is turning 5 this Summer. Five years of running a business visible to the world. But I’ve been at it for much longer, having made the decision to step out of the corporate management race at Starbucks and focusing on entrepreneurship. I wanted to run my own business. With no idea on how I read a few books and wrote my business plan. Now five years in, while nowhere near the end goal of comfort I envision for myself and my family, still hustling, Over last last few years I’ve met a lot of people that are considering the same move. Wanting to realize a dream they have, they are contemplating making the jump and starting their own business. Or perhaps they have started and are looking to take the next step. I get asked a lot of questions and quite frankly I am humbled and I really real enjoy the conversation and the trust that people find me a resource. At the core of who I am and what I am trying to build is just that: ‘Be An Inspiration.’ This has not changed and never will.

So, here is, probably the number one advice I want to give everyone considering, contemplating, having started or struggling with their business:

There are thousand and one things a business owner and entrepreneur needs to accomplish, consider, complete and excel at, but after many years doin’ it, here is my most important element:

Scream more!

And own the conversation about your brand and business. Market, advertise, be out there and tell everyone and anyone about what you are doing.
Yeah, that sounds like one of those calls to network, to hustle and to sell yourself cheap. I fought long and hard against this myself in my business and tried hard to find better ways to put this on the blog.
But there is no balanced approach.If you want to feed your family, if you want to make it happen, you gotta be out there and build your brand. You have to understand what you are building, of course. Just standing at the street corner and yelling “sale sale” will give you exactly that, a cheap brand focused on sales. But you got to remember that no one will build your brand for you. You have to do it yourself. Not just build your product, your store or your business. A business rises and falls by the brand value it owns.

Looking at the hustlers out there it’s easy being turned off and using them as examples and excuses why you can’t and won’t run a business that way. But take a moment and look deeper, further, look at the successful business owners you admire, look up to and use as role models. They hustle too and use every opportunity to build their brand. It just doesn’t feel that way, because the brand they build has so much soul.

How effective this aggressive brand-building is you can see when you look at all the shitty businesses you hate. The ones with no product, no values and no integrity. They survive, because they decide to scream and hustle and sell themselves at all costs.

Deciding that you want to let things happen organically and letting your brand be build slowly by your fans is a luxury you might not be able to afford, unless you want it to be a hobby for a long time, maybe even forever. But it also is a cop-out. Because the successful people hustle. They take charge of their brand and sell it.

Are you worried that you’ll sell out?

That you might sell your soul and give it all away before it really is yours? To this I answer with this: Do you have soul? Are you putting more than just your sweat into it, but your guts and your heart as well?

If you have conviction, a cause, a higher calling, than you have nothing to worry about and you will breathe life into your brand no matter how far you push its limits.  If you’re a sellout in life, your brand will be a sellout as well.

So, gather yourself and breathe life into your brand and business. Bring forth success!


The painting “The Scream” by  Edvard Munch just sold for a record setting $119.9 mio. Incredible…. but the guy is dead already. Start screaming, while you’re still alive.